Recent research in cancer biology, aging, microbial pathogenesis, and many other areas has revealed a key role for small molecule and lipid metabolites. The Metabolite Profiling Core Facility was established in 2013 to support studies in this rapidly developing field. Due to the extreme chemical diversity of small molecule and lipid metabolites – which greatly exceeds that of proteins and nucleic acids – the facility operates on a collaborative model in which experimental design, sample preparation, data collection, and data analysis are tailored to each study. We serve the Whitehead as well as the larger MIT community and external collaborators.

The facility is operated by Caroline A. Lewis, Ph.D., who assists researchers with experimental design and sample preparation strategies, performs LC/MS experiments, and analyzes data, in addition to developing new analytical techniques for metabolites that are not adequately measured by our existing methods. The facility also employs two full-time technicians, Tenzin Kunchok, who performs maintenance and sample preparation, and Bena Chan, who performs data analysis. Both Bena and Tenzin assist with day-to-day facility operations The faculty advisor for the facility is Prof. David M. Sabatini, M.D., Ph.D.

See Lisa Freinkman's webinar for an introduction to LC/MS-based metabolomics and an overview of the WI metabolomics facility.