Metabolite Profiling Core Facility charges consist of two categories: (1) per-sample fees and (2) data analysis & method development time. Project discussions, sample prep reagents, and help with manuscript preparation are always free, and there is no per-sample charge during new method development.

    The main factors that determine data analysis time are the type of analysis (relative quantitation < absolute quantitation < untargeted analysis) and the number of metabolites. For a sample batch containing 20 or fewer samples, with 5 or fewer target metabolites, data analysis time typically does not exceed 1 hour for relative quantitation or 3 hours for absolute quantitation.

    Price list:

      Whitehead MIT (non-Whitehead) External (non-MIT)
    Fee per sample $9 $20 $40
    Data analysis & method development, per hour $25 $60 $60