KEGG: An important database of metabolites and metabolic pathways. Search for specific metabolites by name to view chemical structures and relevant pathways and enzymes. Alternatively, search for metabolic pathways (e.g., "glycolysis") to view and download pathway maps.

    MetaboAnalyst: A user-friendly, open-source platform for analyzing large-scale metabolomic datasets (e.g., the full polar metabolite panel analyzed by our facility). We have found the Statistical Analysis, Pathway Analysis, and Enrichment Analysis modules to be particularly useful. The Integrated Pathway Analysis tool is for combining metabolomics and gene expression data.

    BioCYC: An alternative way to view metabolic pathway maps in various organisms, with the additional capacity to "paint" your metabolomic data onto pathway maps.

    Metscape 3 for Cytoscape: Another tool for mapping your data onto metabolic gene and/or reaction networks, with the option of adding gene-expression data as well.